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What Is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that can make your stomach appear thinner. The procedure removes excess fat and skin from the area and tightens the muscles that support the abdominal wall. This procedure is popular with those who want a more toned and contoured body. The recovery time after a tummy tuck is usually a few weeks. There are some risks associated with this procedure.

tummy tuck AdelaideComplications of a tummy tuck

While most cosmetic surgery procedures are relatively safe, tummy tuck surgery has some risks. Possible procedure complications include infection, bleeding, hematoma, numbness, and open wounds. Before scheduling a tummy tuck, you should discuss your health history and previous surgeries with your surgeon. The surgeon can also discuss the risks associated with your particular surgical procedure.

After pregnancy, loose skin often builds up in the abdomen and flanks. An extended mommy tuck is performed to remove this excess skin and tighten the underlying musculature. Left untreated, the excess skin can lead to a dog-ear deformity. However, the procedure can solve this problem and provide other medical benefits. The surgery can also improve your posture and ease back pain, a common complaint of women.

Cost of a tummy tuck

The cost of a tummy tuck Adelaide can vary greatly, depending on where you live. If you live in a high-cost city, the surgery cost will be higher than in a less expensive suburb. The cost of medical services in a larger city will also be higher than in a smaller suburb. Furthermore, surgeons in large cities have higher skill levels and will be more expensive than in small towns. Therefore, you will be paying a premium for the services of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon if you need them.

Recovery time after a tummy tuck

After a tummy tuck surgery, recovery time can be from a few weeks to several months. Most people recover within a couple of weeks, but swelling and bruising can take several weeks to heal. You will also have to restrict your physical activities for several weeks following the surgery. However, you can return to exercise or light sports after the first week. It is also essential to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

The first few days after a tummy tuck Adelaide is necessary, as you will be on pain medication and will be unable to drive for a few weeks. After the first week, you can resume some light activities, but you should avoid heavy lifting until about six weeks post-op. It is also essential to avoid smoking or alcohol while you are recovering. Depending on your type of job, you may have to take a month or more off work.

Candidate for a tummy tuck

Is my body a Candidate for a Tummy Tuck? Many people who are unhappy with their stomachs can benefit from this cosmetic surgery. The procedure is commonly performed on women after pregnancy or people who have lost a significant amount of weight and still have excess skin. Another reason a person might want a tummy tuck is if their abdominal muscles have weakened and they have a pooch.

A good candidate for this type of surgery has loose abdominal skin and a BMI within the recommended range. She is also in good health and is within 20% of her ideal weight. However, she has excess skin and excess fat deposits. She should be in good overall health and at least 20 per cent below her ideal weight. A tummy tuck is unsuitable for women who have had many pregnancies and lost much of their confidence.

Cost of a mini tummy tuck

The cost of a mini tummy tuck surgery depends on many factors, including location. In areas with a high cost of living, surgeons charge more. Some patients choose to travel overseas to receive the procedure. It can save money but may require additional expenses such as travel and recovery house stays. Another factor that influences the cost is the type of anesthesia used. Some procedures require local anesthesia, while others require intravenous sedation. The choice depends on the location of the surgery and the extent of the area to be treated.