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Silk Laundry Uniform 2022 – Kathy Kolodinski’s Go-To Outfit For Work

A stylish and comfortable outfit is the ultimate comfort, and the latest collection from Silk Laundry is just that. Founder Kathy Kolodinski shares her go-to outfit for work. Read on for tips to keep your silks and other delicate fabrics in tip-top shape. A few tips will go a long way! To learn more about Silk Laundry and its products, read the following articles. You may also want to read about their Founder, Katie Kolodinski.

Mixed Dressing

Silk LaundryThe latest collection from Silk Laundry is aptly named Mixed Dressing. The brand was founded in 2015 and has since grown into an international brand, with headquarters in Canada, an Australian team, and collaborations in Spain. The name reflects its emphasis on timeless styles. The company’s mission is to “create the best pieces for women that they can wear over again.”

If you do have to wash your silk, use a delicate cycle on cold water. Use a mild detergent, such as baby shampoo, on your delicate clothes. Chlorine bleach will dissolve the fibres in silk, so avoid diluted chlorine bleach solutions. Chlorine bleach can permanently change the colour of silk. Use a mesh bag or pillowcase to prevent excess dye from staining other items. The best way to protect your silk garments from bleach is to avoid washing them with regular detergent.

Founder & Creative Director Katie Kolodinski

Six years ago, Katie Kolodinski saw a market gap for high-quality clothing made from high-quality fabrics. She had to endure 35-degree heat in Queensland, Australia so she couldn’t find an attractive silk dress or camisole. So she began designing her garments in her home. Today, her brand sells high-quality clothing to discerning women across the world.

Located in Brisbane, Silk Laundry’s recently redesigned store in James Street has a sartorial feel. The space is a gallery-like space showcasing a collection of slip dresses and molten-silk skirts. Floor-to-ceiling displays of silk flowers add a whimsical touch. Silk Laundry is now a global brand in Australia and Canada.

Latest collection

The ethos behind Silk Laundry’s latest collection is to re-imagine pre-existing styles with a contemporary edge. The brand was founded in Canada in 2015 and had offices in Australia and Spain. The aim is to create classic, high-quality pieces for every woman. The Uniform 2022 Collection presents the brand’s foundation pieces in iconic colours like black, white, cedar, hazelnut, and olive green. The collection also introduces new silhouettes and fabrics to its range. The result is a collection of refined pieces that will be worn over again. For a conscious woman, Silk Laundry is a luxury worth investing in.

The new collection is made of silk that is sand washed for an anti-glare finish. Silk Laundry’s feminine designs are made from silk that is softer to the touch and has a slightly more modern look than usual. The brand’s signature pieces are classic silk slip dresses and blazers, but with a modern twist. HOUR spoke with Katie Kolodinski, the founder of Silk Laundry, about her inspirations and experience working in the Canadian fashion industry.

Care for delicate fabrics

To maintain the beauty of your expensive silk garments, you must learn how to care for the delicate fabric properly. If you have a washing machine, you can wash silk. However, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use a special mesh laundry bag to protect the delicate fabric from damage. The washing machine should be set to a gentle cycle in cool water. It is best to dry-clean your silk garments after washing.

When you wash silk clothing, make sure you use a gentle cycle. Choose cold water and use a detergent specifically for delicate fabrics. Avoid using bleach, as this can damage the silk fibres. Also, do not use diluted chlorine bleach solutions. They can cause permanent yellowing and colour loss and weaken the fabric. When you choose a detergent, test its pH with litmus paper to ensure that it is not harmful to silk.

The safest way to wash silk at home

Listed below are some of the best methods for washing silk. To avoid snagging your silk clothing, always lay them flat on a towel before washing them. Using the delicate cycle is ideal for washing silk. Once the water is full, add a small amount of natural detergent. Avoid detergents that contain brighteners or enzymes, as these chemicals can damage silk fibres. If your silk has stains, you can apply to rub alcohol to the fabric. You can also try mixing a cup of table salt with cold water.